Tools Menu

Owning Palette: Eulogy Add-on

Requires: Eulogy, Base Development Environment

Eulogy adds a Field R&D Services>>Eulogy sub-menu to the Tools Menu that includes items for working with legacy code.


This Tools Menu action uses launches the custom bookmark manager for viewing graves and zombies in LabVIEW projects and VIs. The Graveyard provides addition features and actions to show graves bury corpses, reanimate corpses, and smite zombies using the run-time shortcut menu for tree items. This is the same as using opening the custom bookmark manager via View>>Bookmark Manager menu item and selecting Graveyard from the Select a Bookmark Manager dialog that appears.

To execute this Tools Menu action:

  1. Start LabVIEW.
  2. Select Tools>>Field R&D Services>>Eulogy>>Graveyard... from the menu bar. The Graveyard dialog will be displayed.