Getting Started

Eulogy is an add-on and toolkit for refactoring legacy code. The project is loosely divided into the add-on and the toolkit. The add-on consists of a series of components that extend the functionality of the LabVIEW development environment for working within the Eulogy framework and/or following the Eulogy set of conventions. The toolkit is an API for programmatically adding Eulogy actions to a LabVIEW-centric project. For example, the toolkit API can be used to incorporate Eulogy functionality into an automated build system. Both the add-on and toolkit API use the same concepts and follow the same set of conventions. The purpose of this Getting Started guide is to introduce the add-on, framework, and set of conventions that make up Eulogy.

MotivationReasons for refactoring legacy code and justification for creating the Eulogy add-on.
ConceptsThe concepts and terminology used throughout the add-on.
ExamplesLearn by doing using examples shipped with the add-on.