SFTP File Controls and VIs

Owning Palette: Toolkit

Requires: LIBSSH2

Represents a SFTP file.

Class ItemDescription
Type DefinitionsGroups related files into a folder
UtilityGroups related files into a folder
Read PositionGets the current position in bytes (B) relative to the beginning of the file.
Write PositionSets the current position within a SFTP File relative to the beginning of the file (0) in bytes (B).
Read SizeGets the total number of bytes (B) for the content in the SFTP File.
CloseDeallocates, or frees, the memory allocated for the libssh2lv shared library SFTP File struct represented by this SFTP File object. After this is called, the object can no longer be used in the application without causing a segmentation fault, i.e. crashing LabVIEW. This VI must be called to avoid leaking memory or running Out-of-Memory (OOM) on resource-constrained systems.
OpenCreates a new SFTP File object that represents a libssh2lv shared library SFTP File struct. This VI must be called, or executed, before using any other SFTP File-related VIs. This VI allocates memory within the libssh2lv shared library that must be explicitly deallocated, or freed, at the end of the application using the Close VI to avoid memory leaks or running Out-of-Memory (OOM) on a resource contrained system. A SFTP File object represents an existing file on a remote SFTP filesystem.
Read StatusGets the POSIX-style status, a.k.a. attributes, of the remote SFTP file.
ReadReads the contents of a remote SFTP file.
RewindSets the current position within the SFTP file to the beginning of the file (0).
SyncSynchronizes the data for the remote SFTP file with the local machine's SFTP file state.
Write AllWrites all of the bytes to a remote SFTP file in a series of smaller 30KB chunks, or blocks.
Write StatusSets the POSIX-style file status, a.k.a. attributes, for the remote SFTP file.
WriteWrites a libssh2-defined maximum of 30KB to a remote SFTP file. If more the data is greater than 30kB, then the Write All VI should be used.