SSH Controls and VIs

Owning Palette: Toolkit

Requires: LIBSSH2

Represents a libssh2lv-related context that is used by all other classes to communicate with a remote SSH server.

Class ItemDescription
UtilityGroups related files into a folder
InitializeInitialize the underlying libssh2lv library. This must be called, or executed, before using any other VIs in this toolkit. This typically initializes the cryptography library (OpenSSL), which is statically compiled with the libssh2lv shared library.
ShutdownCleanly and safely shutdowns the underlying libssh2lv shared library. This must be called, or executed, after all other VIs within this toolkit are completed. Once this is called, no other VIs from this toolkit should be called, or executed. This frees all internal memory used by the libssh2lv shared library. A segmentation fault will occur if toolkit VIs are executed after this VI is executed.