SFTP Controls and VIs

Owning Palette: Toolkit

Requires: LIBSSH2

An object representing a connection to a remote SFTP server. This is the parent class used to create all other SFTP-related objects.

Class ItemDescription
Type DefinitionsGroups related files into a folder
UtilityGroups related files into a folder
Create DirectoryCreates a directory, a.k.a. folder, on the remote SSH server.
Create LinkCreates a symbolic link on a remote SFTP server.
CreateCreates a new SFTP object that represents a libssh2lv shared library SFTP struct. This VI must be called, or executed, before using any other SFTP-related VIs. This VI allocates memory within the libssh2lv shared library that must be explicitly deallocated, or freed, at the end of the application using the Destroy VI to avoid memory leaks or running Out-of-Memory (OOM) on a resource contrained system. A SFTP object represents a context for a remote SFTP filesystem.
Delete DirectoryDestroys, a.k.a. deletes or removes, a directory from the remote SFTP server.
Delete FileDeletes, a.k.a. removes, a file from the remote SFTP server.
Delete LinkDeletes, a.k.a. removes, a symbolic link from a remote SFTP server.
DestroyDeallocates, or frees, the memory allocated for the libssh2lv shared library SFTP struct represented by this SFTP object. After this is called, the object can no longer be used in the application without causing a segmentation fault, i.e. crashing LabVIEW. This VI must be called to avoid leaking memory or running Out-of-Memory (OOM) on resource-constrained systems.
Link StatusGets the status, a.k.a. attributes or metadata, for a symbolic link on the remote SFTP server.
RenameChanges the name of a filesystem entry on the remote SFTP server. This is also an alias for moving a filesystem entry on the remote SFTP server.
Resolve LinkGets the absolute path of a symbolic or real link's target, a.k.a. source.