Reader VIs

Owning Palette: LabPack

Requires: LabPack

Use the Reader VIs to more explicitly decode MessagePack data to LabVIEW types.

Palette ObjectDescription
BeginStarts the internal decoder.
Begin ArrayStarts reading an array.
Begin BinStarts reading an binary blob.
Begin StrStarts reading a string.
CreateCreates an object of the Reader class.
Create ReferenceCreates a Data Value Reference (DVR).
DestroyDestroys a Reader class object.
Destroy ReferenceDestroys a Data Value Reference (DVR) of a Reader class object.
EndFinishes decoding MessagePack data.
End ArrayFinishes reading an array.
End BinFinishes reading a binary blob.
End MapFinishes reading a map.
End StrFinishes reading a string.
Read BinReads and decodes a binary blob.
Read BoolReads and decodes a boolean.
Read BytesReads bytes from the internal decoder's buffer.
Read DoubleReads and decodes a double-precision (8-byte) floating point number.
Read FalseReads and decodes a False boolean.
Read FloatReads and decodes a single-precision (4-byte) floating point number.
Read I8Reads and decodes a signed 8-bit integer.
Read I16Reads and decodes a signed 16-bit integer.
Read I32Reads and decodes a signed 32-bit integer.
Read I64Reads and decodes a signed 64-bit integer.
Read IntReads and decodes a signed integer.
Read Is ErrorChecks if the internal decoder has an error.
Read Is OKChecks if the internal decoder is OK.
Read NilReads and decodes a Nil value.
Read StatusGets the latest status of the internal decoder.
Read Status MessageGets the latest status message of the internal decoder.
Read StrReads and decodes a string.
Read TrueReads and decodes a True boolean.
Read U8Reads and decodes an unsigned 8-bit integer.
Read U16Reads and decodes an unsigned 16-bit integer.
Read U32Reads and decodes an unsigned 32-bit integer.
Read U64Reads and decodes an unsigned 64-bit integer.
Read UintReads and decodes an unsigned integer.